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He pounded her butt 237 times in just 49 seconds and she loved every second of it

This is another interesting case of sex done in an unconventional way and just yielding a much…

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Inside Tebogo Thobejane’s strip club, Club X

Tebogo Thobejane is about to turn the city red with her latest strip club that will inevitably…

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Kelly Bhadie sex tape

Kelly Bhadie has every African man down on their needs with their tongues sticking out drooling for…

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Ladies go crazy as male stripper with stunning acrobatic moves makes them seriously wet

The male stripper got on stage as he made several backflips while wrapped in a white towel….

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Pornstar Miss B Nasty asks her dad how he feels about her new mansion bought with money she got from being fucked

The stigma associated with prostitution and pornography does not affect pornstar Miss B Nasty because she has…

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Mini Stallion given some dicking of her lifetime doggystyle

Mini Stallion is becoming to be almost synonymous with porn in the world right now. It might…

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Teresa Lavae is amazing, check her photos

Teresa Lavae is gorgeous, she’s an absolute living testament that there are beautiful women out there today….

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Pinky shows out her humongous juicy, jiggly ass

Pinky is a legend, let’s first establish that. The short, talented pornstar who has been in the…

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She pushed him into a corner, lifted up her right leg and had him fuck her while standing

This pair is one of the most innovative fuckmates ever seen in the many videos we have…

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Busta Rhymes lookalike pumps his cock into a fat milf in a hotel room

Everybody who watched this video was excited at first because they thought hip-hop legend Busta Rhymes had…

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Petite Nancy swallows uncircumcised dick into her super wet pussy while blindfolded

This was another case of BDSM – a variety of sexual practices that include bondage, discipline, dominance,…

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Eva Modika goes nude on Instagram

Eva Modika has people talking, especially Musa Khawula who took to social media to tell his fans…

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She moaned like a C-130 turboprop engine as he fucked her from the edge of the bed

From the position he fucked her using the long dick style he couldn’t achieve anything else but…

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Mercy Sande fucks herself with a giant dildo on a bathroom sink

Just when you thought you have seen it all, something new pops up. Folks out here are…

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Meghan Markle lookalike had a difficult time swallowing a giant dick in her pussy

If you are a fan of Meghan Markle and ever fantasied about watching her getting fucked than…

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‘Sniper’ shots his cum all the way to her neck after pumping his uncircumcised cock in her

Like in shooting, sex also has sharpshooters who can nut into a woman’s stomach and have their…

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“She sucked my dick 4-8 times, I wasn’t even nutting anymore” young man recalls how 32 year old divorcee with high sex drive fucked him out of existence

Women older than 30 will fuck you out of existence. They just be fucking you till you…

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They got horny while binging on Netflix, she had to ride that dick on the couch

Sometimes the best way to get her in the mood is just a nice romantic movie, bet…

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Woman begs for mercy as her boyfriend and 3 male friends remove her panties and flog her silly

A beautiful but battered woman took to social media to explain her predicament to the general public…

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Amateur girl moans like a generator as she is fucked in the bathroom

Bathroom sex can be so sweet as seen in this video, the lady is obviously amateur judging…