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Shugatiti captures the attention of Africa with her videos and pictures

Shugatiti has the internet eating out of her palm and she knows it, we can’t seem to…

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Meet Zaawaadi, the Kenyan, German pornstar

Zaawaadi is an adult model and pornstar from Kenya living in Germany who loves what she’s doing….

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Kenyan Sex Therapist Maurice Matheka makes woman squirt half a litre of cum during live sex lesson

So as it turns out all women on earth can squirt. If you’re a lady and your…

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Man ends up in the ER after huge dildo he was pleasuring himself with stuck in his ass

Well, this is a new one! A man got a huge 9 inch dildo stuck inside his…

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Kenyan Ssenga is happy her foursome video got leaked!

Kenyan Ssenga is more than happy about the sex tape getting leaked out that showed her taking…

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Nigerian Taxi driver pulls out his dick and masturbates in full view of female passengers

A super horny taxi driver in Nigeria has caught the ire of the online community after he…

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Horny fake pastor shaves women pussies at the pulpit

One horny pastor was spotted shaving pussies while selecting the one that looks beautiful before his eyes…

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Tanzanian prostitute narrates how a man fainted after fucking her in the ass

A Tanzanian prostitute sat down and narrated how tight she is. The self-described “Mama Mtamu” translating to…

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Tanzanian man chops off his dick so he can go to heaven

A Tanzanian man has surprised a lot of people after he chopped off his dick because he…

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Man Peeps Through Window, Sees Neighbor Fucking His Wife

A man was shocked to see his wife opening wide her legs for their neighbor who was…

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Horny Nairobi revelers dry hump each other in the club

I know a lot of people are thirsty and all with the lockdown and everything but this…

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Drama as young man busted fucking Mzee’s wife

Drama as a randy man was caught red-handed fucking mzee’s wife, he was so ashamed that he…

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The viral Slim Santana #BussitChallenge video

Slim Santana broke the internet as we know it, especially after she did her version of the…

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A woman caught stealing an iPhone beaten

A woman was beaten by a Mob in Nigeria for allegedly stealing an iPhone 12 in Lagos…

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Klairkia The Artist Opens up about working with a porn star King Noire who treated her like a lady

Klarkia The Artist is one talented artist and a yogi who is pretty and proud of her…

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Women Safaree should consider to release a sextape with

After everybody saw and got impressed with what Safaree is working with, I know many people are…

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How kabachali is supposed to be done

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Ravie Loso continues to make sick money, especially this month alone

Ravie Loso is a happy woman after he made $50,000 this month alone from her online business…