African self-proclaimed king of porn KingTblaK HOC has more than interesting videos and photos to share with his fans all over.

The Nigerian-born and residing porn started out this porn business a long time ago when a lot of people were laughing him off or talking ill about him.

Today, the African porn business is booming with a high surge of African amateur pornstars sprouting from all over all coming from different countries.

Almost 3/4 of Sub-Saharan Africa are deep into the porn business with some joining OnlyFans, Xvideos, Pornhub and others. The list is endless.

Today being Friday and all, it’s only fair we use our first flashback to the one who started it out in the beginning. The one and only KingTblaK HOC.

KingTblaK HOC is almost synonymous with porn in Africa. He’s believed to have fucked over 1000 women, he might not be lying.

Check out some of his photos, most of them taken from his archives

Author: Afrofuck