Rema talks about his dick being GOLDEN!

Rema got to have a huge dick, or at least a good fucker after what he said on Twitter on May 1, 2021.

The Nigerian superstar got the internet talking in Nigeria and Africa after he declared that he had a golden dick, of course not to be taken literally but because he is keeping it for that one special woman that he’s yet to have. Rema is single.

“I swear I just wanna love one girl and move on. I don’t wanna fuck around with too many girls, violating my energy and breeding disrespect because of sex, This dick is GOLDEN how bout that!” he said on Twitter.

Since he sent out that tweet, there has been a lot of reaction with the one tweet having over 2,700 quote tweets, 79.7K likes and 17.7 retweets.

The tweet trended and blew up like nobody’s business.

The talented singer is as controversial and vocal as the next superstar that you know, he’s like you-know-who! and his tweeting about his dick makes him sound like he’s very sure about what he’s working with.

Rema probably got the biggest dick in the music industry in the entire African scene because he is the only African musician that I know who has openly talked about his dick at such magnitude.

Maybe someday we will get to see his dick, maybe one day; that will be the day that the African internet space will be broken!

Author: Afrofuck