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Petite Nancy swallows uncircumcised dick into her super wet pussy while blindfolded

This was another case of BDSM – a variety of sexual practices that include bondage, discipline, dominance,…

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‘Sniper’ shots his cum all the way to her neck after pumping his uncircumcised cock in her

Like in shooting, sex also has sharpshooters who can nut into a woman’s stomach and have their…

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He couldn’t wait for her to prepare breakfast, he ate her for breakfast instead

A horny black dude walked into the kitchen as his Caucasian girlfriend was preparing breakfast for him….

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doggy style made sweeter as she only swallowed the whole thing

Traditional doggy style made sweeter as she only swallowed the glans and left the penis’ shaft outside…

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Quickie in a bush: Kenyan man Onyango pumps his uncircumcised dick in a British tourist

Horny tourists visiting African countries have a habit of fucking locals often after enticing them with the…

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Uncircumcised man with a long dick fuck a tight, wet pussy

Uncircumcised man with the biggest long dick you’ve ever seen proved that it isn’t a must to…

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Sam Ogina leaks Eric Omondi uncircumcised dick pictures

Sam Ogina gave Eric Omondi an ultimatum to delete the expose he did on Instagram yesterday night…

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Uncircumcised Omollo dicks down Chepkemboi

Omollo is proud to have finally landed Chepkemboi in his bed after she’s been playing hard to…