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Tawa leaves her boyfriend Bolaji for being broke

Tawa is so sick and tired of her boyfriend Bolaji for being broke that she decided to…

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Praise and worship member sent nudes to Church WhatsApp group

A vibrant Praise and worship member sent nudes by mistake to Church WhatsApp group that were intended…

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Man is in love with two sisters

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Petite lady Nancy rocks a man’s marriage with beautiful nudes

A jilted woman, a wife isn’t happy after finding out how her hubby is busy asking for…

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Xolisile Mfeka shares Whatsapp message from her mom

Xolisile Mfeka has so much love on social media having so much love in so little time….

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Baba Gloria trends after sending porn in a funeral whatsapp group

Kenyans on Twitter are currently making sure that Baba Gloria is trending on social media. This is…

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This should break your heart as much as it has mine

A viral WhatsApp message between a daughter and her mother has people questioning how people take their…

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“Next time shit first,” horny man tells lady to prepare her booty hole (WhatsApp Sc

There’s an interesting WhatsApp conversation making its way on social media about how a man fucked a…

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Fella exposed for sending nudes to someone’s girlfriend via WhatsApp screenshots

Whoever told men to send nudes photos to women might have been high when he was saying…